Case Solved: It took 35 years, but a rape suspect finally was convicted this year, thanks to testing of a rape kit that had been caught up in a backlog of crime evidence kits. Tony Stafford was found guilty in criminal court for the 1989 rape. The case broke in 2016 when the kit was found and testing pointed to him in 2018.

A Cold Case is an unsolved felony crime awaiting the discovery of new evidence. It is a case that was suspended after the initial investigation for lack of leads but remains an open file. It is a case that sometimes may require a new set of investigative eyes, and the aid of the public.

It is CrimeStoppers’ strong belief that in every crime someone knows something — it could be a seemingly small detail —  that could be enough to lead to a solution — and justice for the victim and the victim’s family.

CrimeStoppers here offers a series of Cold Case files for public consideration.

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